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The newest in Wade’s Emotional Agility Matters Children’s Book Series


Interview with Carly Newfeld, The Last Word, KSFR Santa Fe Public Radio, by Carly Newfeld


Wade's books

Nico's Special Name: A sweet story of family, friends, and a young elephant's heartwarming discovery
really liked it
CUTE & HEARTFELT ELEPHANT STORY! This is a cute story about a baby elephant and his grandfather! Our students enjoyed the illustrations while retaining the books pleasant message! Nico’s Special Name was well received by our young readers.
it was amazing
FANTASTIC CHILDREN’S BOOK! This is such a beautifully written and illustrated children’s book! It’s message of connection and cycle of life was so elegant and simple to digest! By bringing connection, gratitude, imagination, and curiosit…
All The Things I Can Be
really liked it
INSPIRING & VALUABLE CHILDREN’S BOOK! We found this book to be inspiring and easy to understand! The story was one that has a valuable message that children will benefit from. I’d recommend this book to families and educators.
Winston the Traveling Dog's Christmas : A Special Holiday Edition of the Winston the Traveling Dog Series
it was amazing
CLEVER, CUTE, AND FUN CHILDREN’S STORY! This books unique format made for a very fun bedtime read! It will be a holiday classic that I’m sure we’ll revisit many times!
A Yoga Storytelling Adventure: The Magic Peach Tree
it was amazing
POWERFUL MESSAGE OF EMPATHY & KINDNESS! This children’s book took us on a wonderful adventure! One that instilled a strong message of the power and importance of delivering kindness to everyone we share this amazing world with! Wonderful…



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