Entering each new year I typically ask myself what do I want to achieve? This year I’ve decided to ask myself a different question. That being, how can I show up more in my day to day life? What might happen if rather than always looking ahead, I brought my full attention into the moment I was currently experiencing?

Just like goal setting, I’ve chosen to write down and work on embedding how I’d like to show up in my relationships, work, and with family. What reminders or prompt might help me show up more present? Maybe for you it’s a special gratitude rock you keep in your front pocket, a phone reminder, or trinket on your desk or in your car that holds significant meaning to you?

Optimism is key but, there’s no denying that we will be challenged this and every year that proceeds it. However, the more often we’re able to show up in our natural state of loving presence, the more likely we are to becoming “miracle receivers”.

Those that can hold, see, and pull the light from out behind the dark clouds that show up in life. Clouds that dim the non-judgmental kindness that wants to be part of every life.

When stress, fear, and confusion visit, please join me in knowing that, there is another way.

In gratitude,

Wade W. Bergner