The power of intention is the power of love and receptivity.  When I reached the weakest and most vulnerable point in my life, it compared to being dropped into a dark and empty hole.  A place where the feeling of fear took over my state of mind.  My knee jerk reaction was I don’t remember how to feel good, so I patched the hole up with fear.

I found myself day after day grasping tightly to my fearful thoughts of uncertainty.  It wasn’t until I finally took notice of how my body and mind reached to the word love.

When spoken, my entire body and mind reacted favorably to the content I’d associated to the word love.  I’d finally realized there was a better way to fill that empty hole in my life.

In recognizing this, I proceeded to create what I called, my “Love List”.  This being a list of people, places, activities, and things that invoked a sense of love within me.  An honest list that without reservation, I felt a deep level of love and connection to.

The completion and revisiting of this list suddenly became my roadmap back home.  But this home was at a new location, one in which I’d never visited.  This new map served as a receptive and true compass that was guiding me towards love.  The journey helped me realize that my thoughts alone had caused the pain I was experiencing. 

I’d found a way to now align myself with a higher level of trust, optimism, appreciation, and joy while expanding my reality in everyday activities.  I’d created a new relationship with my own thoughts.

With the continuously changing times we live in, I can’t help but think that an honest “Love Map” would show us the way home.

“Whenever you’re afraid, remember this: Only love is real. Let love bless you, guide you, and inspire you.”

Louise Hay

In gratitude,


Wade W. Bergner