To me there’s just nothing better than spending time out in nature.  To pinpoint any one thing that I enjoy the most would be very difficult to do. I will say there is one outdoor observation that always gets my undivided attention.  

That’s seeing a tree, plant, or flower growing from out of a virtually impossible location.  For example, through stone or concrete.  Often, it’s impossible to see the crack they have grown out of and I always feel so moved by the faith that is necessary to seed, grow and bloom in such a hard, solid place. 

It makes me think of my layers of perception like the concrete. I am so sure of it. I think I know what I am seeing; that I get the full story from seeing one aspect of it. And if I spend my life layering up these perceptions and assuming they are correct, they turn to concrete. And what does this much concrete do? 

Well, it tends to turn into walls. Walls between me and others, between how I see someone and who they actually are. But these observations remind me that only the tiniest crack is necessary for life to creep in and show the whole wall to be what it really is: a construct I have made to keep separation in place.

But these mysteries of nature, teach us something important: that we can grow new life, new patterns, find new beauty if we just stay willing and open. If we chip away and create the tiniest of cracks. Just enough for the tiniest of seeds. 

Once again, my stories find me circling back towards Dr. Wayne W. Dyer’s beautiful statement. 

“When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change”.

Allowing ourselves to accept even a tiny crack in our concrete decision about a person, place, or thing can allow a miracle to happen!

Wade W. Bergner